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Who is behind the scenes?

Hello all,

My name is Sjaak van der Zande (born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and my purpose with this website is to share the world my projects and to get in touch with people to share the same kind of interests. What are my interests? Well these are programming languages, RC models, electronics, computers, robotics, IOT (Internet Of Things), 3D printing, metal crafting and making all kinds of handy things. All things I have learned in my lifetime for now is gained by my work experience as a professional and didactic learning from the internet.


In the early days the electronics was all about discrete electronics components. Nowadays ICs (integrated circuits), microprocessors and microcontrollers have replaced those components to integrated circuit components and modules, like IO-ports, UARTS, timers, counters, DACs and ADCs. With less components you can make complicated circuits. It is achieved by intelligent programming of microcontrollers. And of course there are many people that do the same thing as me. Through the internet there are many sites to learn from other people as well. The world today is beginning to share knowledge for everybody through the internet. The fun thing is that many things are for free. Opensource makes it possible to learn anything what you like to do for hobby or in your professional job.


If you have any comments or ideas about my website, please don't hesitate to contact me.