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Inspirational People.


Nikola Tesla.


One of the inspring people about electricity is Nikola Tesla. He was ahead of his time. With most of the inventors they were very good in their work, but they were't able to make a fortune about their inventions. He was one of the people that wanted to have the free benefit of electricity for all people in the world. But his investors had another idea about that. So I believe he was not so popular by many people and some strange accidents happened on his experimental grounds and buildings. There were destroyed by fires. There was also a competition between AC and DC electricity. Tesla worked a while for Thomas Edison, who believed in the safer DC (Direct Current). He improved the DC generators of Edison. Edison promised him a reward of 50,000 dollars, but he did say he was only joking. Tesla resigned and worked on the AC generators. AC (Alternating Current) was made rediculious by showing that is was very dangerous to living beings. But we now know AC was the best solution to transport electricity by the grid. Tragically he didn't make any fortunes with his AC patents and when he died he was in debt and a poor man. But with some inventors, after they die, they will eventually be honered by a statue and putting their name on new inventions.


Steve Wozniak.


Hadn't Steve Jobs met "Woz", the world would not be like it is today. Well new things are sometimes simultaneously invented, but Wozniak had some luck on his side that he was the first one. Wozniak had the technical vision to make a computer for everybody and Jobs was the visionair and founder of the Apple Company. His home computer was the first one that showed characters on a TV screen. When the right people meet each other in the right place and time, something magical happens. Cooperation between people leads to new innovations and changes in the world. Wozniak had also the belief, that all people should learn and create new technology. So he wanted to be also a teacher. Wozniak helped found the Electronic Frontier Foundation, providing some of the organization's initial funding. Fortunately for him his inventions made him rich and famous during his life. Steve Jobs believed in the dream to have a Personal Computer for everybody and Steve Wozniak made it possible. To be different from the rest of the world is clearly a good quality to achieve something important in this world.



Ajahn brahm.


The buddhist lifestyle helped me to stand strong in my life. For me there is really no other great way of wisdom, that the Buddha told to his monks some 2 1/2 thousands years ago. As free beings in this world we should have the choice of making our own freedom. The world we live in, is a big contradiction. With the wisdom of Buddhism you can see another reality. Is it a religion? Well there is some belief we all will be reincarnated in this world again. The buddhist monks lead a harsh life to give up everything they had in their life. Their purpose is to be happy in this life and eventually to be enlighted and reach nirvana. It means to break the cycle of rebirth. Meditation is one of the powerful things to let go and to get peace in your body and mind. Ajahn Brahm is one of the famous persons of Australia and the East, that tells us about the ways of Buddism. He achieved many things in life to build his own monastery in Perth, to help and to teach people about the wisdom of the Buddha. With the aid of the internet he spreads the news and tells us about to deal with our problems in our daily lives.

He brings his teachings with humor and great inspiration, that it isn't boring. He tells it in a plain and straight language, that anybody can understand. I believe also the Western way of life is very hard and confusing for a lot of people. It is a world of only being good or wrong. A thinking that brings us people not together, but separates us more and more.



Lyle peterson.


This retired machine shop instructor has his own videos on Youtube with learning lessons about metal working with special tools on the lathe and milling machine. If you are interested in metal working, he is the man to give you tips and tricks about every aspect of metallurgy. I don't think in our time there are many people that have such a big experience in teaching you the secrets about that. His nickname "Tubalcain" comes from the Hebrew bible. The man, that had knowledge about metal working. He calls himself as mr. Pete or Tubalcain and explains it all in a lot of free lessons on Youtube. He has also his own website about many courses to check it out. But I advise everyone to see his free teachings on Youtube. Very inspirational and he explains it very well.



Graham Hancock.


As a young boy, 8 years old, I asked my mother, "Where do people come from"? Well she said, that I must read  the bible to learn more about that. So we went to the nearest bookshop and I got a children's bible (the old testament) full with beautiful drawings of  biblical events and texts which explain all about these events. When I read the creation of men and all the other stories I still didn't get answers about new questions. Where do dinosaurs come from? They also existed on our planet earth, because of the many fossilized bones people had found and display them in musea. No single word about this existence is mentioned in the bible. I clearly began to understand that the bible isn't giving all answers about  the creation of our earth, all animals and people. At the age of 50 I came across a Youtube video about the lost civilisations of Graham Hancock. Many civilisations have existed before the timespan that the bible is telling us.  Graham Hancock is now devoting his life in finding the new answers about the lost civilisations. He has written also many books about this subject.

For myself it is a fact, that humanity doesn't know their real origin. People seem to have forgotten where they came from. Graham gave me my first new insights about our origin of people.



Alan Watts.


To my opinion he is one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century. He decribes many concepts what they really are. For me it sounds very logical and clear. Inspired by many religions, that he has studied during his lifetime, he explanes all kind aspects what they mean and how it effects us in our daily lives. Life is one big illusion and concepts are not the reality we should take for granted. People are a fluke in this universe. It is only a "blip" in the infinite space and time. People seem to have forgotten that we are spiritual beings. One is all and all is one. Whatever people do in their life it has always an effect on other people. So if you are conscious about what you are doing, you know what it is doing to other people. To think we are being seperate and different from others it gives so many problems in this world.

He inspires me to see life in another perspective. Thinking outside the box. It is making sense to me.